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Despite their history in comics and the fact that the Fantastic Four is one of the earliest prominent Marvel superhero teams, predating even the Avengers, the team had a difficult time breaking into other kinds of media. Unlike their Avengers counterparts, the Fantastic Four films received largely mediocre to below-average reviews.

In the realm of video games, the situation remained unchanged. Despite the fact that members of the spectacular Four have featured in a number of games since the mid-1980s, just a few of the games have received great reviews from reviewers and gamers alike, and have the ability to amuse all fans of the spectacular superhero team slash family.

1. Questprobe Featuring Human Torch And The Thing

Download Questprobe: Featuring Human Torch and the Thing - My Abandonware

Overlooking the fact that its name is a bit of a mouthful, Questprobe featuring Human Torch and the Thing has another interesting detail going for it – it’s the oldest game about the members of the Fantastic Four ever released as it came out in 1985. Overall, the critics pointed out that the game suffers from a slower pace and some players might struggle to figure out the clues and solutions needed to move forward with the playthrough.

The positives include high-quality graphics, especially considering the time of the game’s release and the fact that the game takes the players on an adventure alongside the heroes which will keep them intrigued. It’s doubtful whether the game will attract today’s players, but it’s interesting to try it and see how superhero games evolved since then.

2. Fantastic Four (2005)

Fantastic Four came out 15 years ago, and it was fine — really! It's fine! | SYFY WIRE

Inspired by the 2005 movie of the same name, the game scored average ratings of around 60 percent, but it still remains one of the best options if players want to play a game centered purely on the Fantastic Four and not Marvel heroes in general. What’s interesting is the variability of the hero’s skills. Depending on their special powers, each member of the Fantastic Four can do different things, just like in the comics and in the movies.

Fans of the movie version will be happy to hear that the actors reprised their roles and voiced the characters. Some players later pointed out that the game set the tone for the upcoming better-rated Marvel: Ultimate Alliance series, proving its worth in the end.

3. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Review - Gamereactor

Unlike the third installment in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, the second game in the series scored positive reviews, albeit not as high as its predecessor. The story will be interesting to all fans of the MCU and the comics alike as it draws from two famous Marvel storylines, Drift Hunters (Not to be confused with the American Civil Warand Secret Invasion. This time around, the superheroes are just as busy fighting among themselves as they are facing a new enemy who enters the scene.

Just like before, the players can create a team consisting of four heroes, such as the Fantastic Four (who, nevertheless, get separated during the events of the Civil War), or even combine the separate powers of two different heroes, making for new, exciting combinations. The critics praised the fusion of the powers as well as the visuals and the large number of heroes available. Depending on the platform in question, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 got a rating ranging from around 60 percent for Nintendo DS and Wii to above 70 percent for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

4. Lego Marvel Super Heroes

LEGO® Marvel™ Super Heroes Universe in Peril | Games | LEGO® Marvel™ | Official LEGO® Shop US

LEGO is one of the most popular franchises and so is Marvel, so it makes sense from a commercial point of view to bring these two together. The 2013 action-adventure game brings multiple superheroes forth, as is customary for Marvel games. The game combines fighting action sequences with solving puzzles, and it sees the combined effort of the Marvel heroes to stop Doctor Doom and Loki who also managed to recruit other villains to work for them. As is usual in superhero tales, the stakes are high, and the superheroes have a hard task ahead of them if they wish to succeed.

Even though the game isn’t primarily focused on the Fantastic Four, not only is Doctor Doom one of its two main antagonists, but it also includes references to other well-known Fantastic Four characters, such as the Silver Surfer. The critics and players alike appreciated the game’s sense of humor, the heroes and villains, the many missions the player can undertake, and the open-world gameplay which allows the players a sense of freedom and movement.

5. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Marvel Ultimate Alliance: the last great licensed video game? |

The Marvel Comics have a huge number of characters to work with, both heroes and villains. Combine it with the popular RPG genre and the end result can be favorable as is the case with the 2006 game working on all the major platforms. The game is a must-play for all fans of the Fantastic Four because its main antagonist is none other than Doctor Doom, the team’s most iconic enemy. Once again, Doctor Doom decides to control the world, joining forces with the Masters of Evil, and once again it’s up to the superheroes to stop him.

A great option the game offers is to choose from more than twenty playable characters. What’s more, if the player manages to form the Fantastic Four or a different superhero team, they get bonuses. Since it’s possible to get several alternative endings, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance has a high replay value as some of the best RPGs do. The game’s ratings were positive overall, scoring on average over 80 percent on major game databases such as Metacritic and GameRankings.

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