Back To Basics: Different Types Of Colored Wigs

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Gone are the days when hair wigs were primarily used to cover up hair loss and alopecia. Today, hair wigs have become a favorite go-to accessory of men and women alike. With the increase in demand for hair wigs, many dedicated brands have come up with a variety of colored hair wigs in various lengths and cuts. 

Today, if one is looking for a quick change in their hairstyle, or one wants to create a specific look for their special occasion, they do not have to go through bouts of anxiety about the permanent change in the form of a new haircut, style, and color that may or may not suit them well. One can simply invest in a hair wig and bring a hairstyle of convenience home. 

This blog aims to help anybody who is a beginner entering the world of hair wigs, specifically colored hair wigs. It intends to answer all your questions related to the types of colored hair wigs available in the market for you to choose from. This blog introduces you to a variety of colors available in wigs and recommendations, and it also contains additional tips one can use to pick a colored hair wig as per one’s undertone. If you have decided to invest in a colored hair wig, read on.

  1. Colored Wigs With Highlights

One can start by using colored hair wigs with highlights. These wigs usually have deep colors, such as black and brown, blended with brighter tones of the same. A combination of these hues creates a perfect balance, neither making it too dull nor too bright. 

The main reason why colored wigs with highlights are popular and highly recommended to beginners is that one can almost never go wrong with these wigs.  This is because they are low maintenance and suit all skin tones with warm as well as cool undertones. 

2. Solid Blonde Colored Wigs

Going completely blonde when it is not your natural hair color can be an intimidating decision at first, just like buying the perfect shade of red lipstick. Buying a perfect blonde-colored wig becomes a lot easier once you find the spectrum on which your skin tone and undertones lie and then match it with the white, golden and brown blondes. Remember the struggle you went through to find that perfect red but once you found it, voila! It is the same with blonde hair wigs that are a classic and a game changer, much like the red lipstick. 

3. Brunette Colored Wigs

The literal meaning of the term brunette (French) is a woman with dark brown hair. Brunette includes a range of hair colors from brown to black. The colored hair wigs that fall under this category are deep maroons, light and dark browns. Brunette wigs are among the most popular hair wigs among women from across the globe. The main reason for this is that they compliment all skin tones and undertones. Another reason for this is that they are also the most natural looking shades.

4. Red/ Ginger Colored Wigs

Red is sultry, fierce and sexy! Red hair or ginger hair are versatile for all occasions and are a sure shot head turner. Reds in hair wigs range from copper tones to cherry reds and are available in a variety of textures. Women with fair skin tones can opt for golden and peachy shades of red, such as strawberry blonde, copper, or just plain red. Dark shades of red may wash them out and make them look pale. 

Women with medium skin tone can choose both light and dark shades of red, bordering plum or maroon. Lastly, cool toned reds are the best friends for those with a deeper skin tone. Reds are known to amp up those with dark skin tones best, as red color adds a glam quotient to their look. Recommended colors for deep skin tones are chestnut browns, beetroot red, and burgundy. 

5. Gray colored Wigs

Gray is the new black! The color is no longer a sign of aging. Lately, it has become a color that women from all age groups are embracing as a style statement. Gray colored wigs are available in a variety of shades ranging from light gray, deep gray, to black-brown gray.  One can pick a gray wig depending on their choice, and they can both be flaunted as a fashion statement and can be used as natural-looking graceful grays for older women. 

Tips To Shop The Right Colored Wigs

We have discussed the types of colored hair wigs available in the market till now. The next question that arises is what are the considerations that one can keep in mind while browsing colored hair wigs. 

The key factors that decide whether the wig will suit your skin tone, its undertone, and face shape. The color temperature refers to the tonal leaning of the share towards the color red or blue. It is extremely crucial to match the undertone of your skin to the undertone of the hair wig to find the most natural looking colored wigs that compliment your skin tone. 


Many women opt for black colored wigs, but hair trends have a different story to tell altogether. There are a plethora of colors that wigs have to offer, and the hair market is full of them. You can go for sexy red colored wigs, or chic blonde wigs, or even brunette colored wigs for a sophisticated look. Check out the different types of colored wigs mentioned above and choose the best suited color!

Another important thing is buying colored wigs. It may be a task to do so, but keeping your skin undertone in mind can be helpful. Make sure your skin undertone matches the selected colored wig’s undertone to get the most natural look. 

We hope that you find these tips useful, and they make diving into the world of colored hair wigs a little easier for you. The recommendations listed above are from the brand Paula Young. The brand has a wide range of 100% synthetic and human hair wigs in a variety of textures, lengths, and colors. Check them out on the website for all your wig related queries. 

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