10 Things To Know About Princess Renia

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Princess Renia is a character that you may have seen in your childhood storybooks. More likely, you’ve seen her in your favorite cartoons and video games. And for good reason: Princess Renia is one of the most iconic and beloved princesses out there. But beyond her popularity as a character, Princess Renia also has a rich history. In this blog post, we will take a look at 10 things you need to know about the Princess before reading on to learn more about her current role and what she represents for the future of the monarchy. ###

Princess Renia is a 26-year-old social media personality

Princess Renia is a 26-year-old social media personality who has an extensive following on both Instagram and Twitter. She has over 107,000 followers on Instagram and over 330,000 followers on Twitter. Renia’s main focuses are fashion and beauty, but she also posts about pop culture topics and her life as a royal.

Princess Renia was born in the United Arab Emirates to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, and Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Hamdan Al Maktoum, who is a member of the ruling family of Oman. When Renia was just two years old, her father arranged her marriage to Prince Hamsa Mohamed al Muhairi bin Mohammed al Qasimi, the son of Sheikh Hassan bin Zayed al Nahyan, the Prime Minister of UAE and ruler of Abu Dhabi. The couple divorced in 2018 after being married for six years.

Renia started her social media career in 2014 when she created a personal account on Instagram to post about fashion. Her account grew rapidly and by 2016 she had over 100,000 followers. In 2017, she created a second account on Twitter to continue promoting her work as a fashion designer. Her Twitter account has since grown to be one of the most popular in the UAE with over 330,000 followers.

Princess Renia

Renia has worked as a model and has appeared in several advertising campaigns across Europe and Asia. She has also made appearances at

She posts about fashion, beauty, and other lifestyle topics

Princess Renia is a fashion blogger who covers topics like beauty, lifestyle, and fashion. She has been blogging since 2013 and has over 450,000 followers on her blog. Her blog is full of helpful tips and tricks for living a stylish life, and she regularly posts about current fashion trends. Princess Renia also hosts a lifestyle podcast called The Princess Diaries, which focuses on personal growth, self-care, and relationship advice.

She has over 2 million followers on Instagram and over 1 billion views on her YouTube channel

Princess Renia is one of the most successful YouTube stars of all time with over 1 billion views on her channel. She has a following of over 2 million on Instagram and is constantly creating new content for her fans. Here are some things to know about Princess Renia:

-She was born in the United States and grew up in Spain.
-She started her YouTube career as a makeup tutorial creator.
-She has released several books, including How To Be A Princess and The Princess Guide to Style.
-She is currently starring in the TV show Princes and Pals, which is based on her life.

She also has her own line of beauty products

Princess Renia is not just a beautiful princess – she’s also an entrepreneur. She launched her own line of beauty products, which are available online and in select stores. Her products are made with natural ingredients and focus on promoting healthy skin. The princess has also partnered with organizations that work to improve the lives of women and children around the world.

Princess Renia is worth an estimated $200 million

Princess Renia is one of the wealthiest women in the world.

Renia was born in Morocco in 1975. She has an MBA from London Business School and a degree from Sciences Po, Paris.

She started her career working for McKinsey & Company in London. After a few years, she moved to Deutsche Bank where she worked for over 10 years. She then moved to Bank Leumi where she served as deputy CEO and head of retail banking until April 2017.

Since leaving Deutsche Bank, Princess Renia has invested in a number of start-ups including travel site Hipmunk and food delivery service Sprig.

She is married to Prince Nikolaos of Thessaloniki

Renia is married to Prince Nikolaos of Thessaloniki. They have one child, a daughter. She has been married for seven years and her husband is a very private person. Renia enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

She has two daughters with Prince

Renia is the eldest daughter of Queen Rania Al-Abdullah and Prince Faisal bin Abdullah. She has two daughters with her husband, Prince Khaled bin Talal. Renia started her career as a business executive and later served as the head of development for the Saudi National Broadcasting Corporation before she married Prince Khaled in 2002.

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